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It's a new method of respiratory therapy and it is designed to administer a heated and humidified mixture of air and oxygen through nasal prong.

Humidification refers to the evaporation of water or a solution into water vapor or an aerosol composed of small water droplets through a humidifier device to increase the humidity of the inhaled air.  Moistening the airway mucosa, diluting the sputum, moving the mucociliary to remain effective and clear ability.

Advantages: 

Optimal humidity ensures the airway is in the best protection. 

Mucus cilia cleaning is at the best state. 

Keep the sputum flowing, allowing the sputum to move up and out of the airway.

 Reduce the risk of respiratory infections.
Humidification is usually associated with heating

Rapidly and effectively improve the blood oxygen 

Scouring the physiological anatomy dead space 

Maintains positive airway pressure throughout the respiratory cycle 

Full humidification and heating 

Comfortable user experience

Use a nasal cannula, no mask compression, no claustrophobia

The airflow creates less pressure, with higher tolerance. 

During treatment, you can talk, eat, and drink. 

Quickly improve oxygenation.

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