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ICU Invasive Ventilator

Invasive Ventilator

1 Basic Requirements:

1.1 The whole device shall meet the requirements of Chinese CMD certification.
 1.2 Workingmeans:Electro-pneumaticcontrol 

1.3 Ventilationmethod:Invasive,non-invasiveandmanual. 

1.4 DeviceApplicationscope:Adults,children.

1.5 Selectadultorchildventilationmodeafterstartupoftheventilator.

2 MainFunctionRequirements:

2.1 10.1 inch color LCD with Chinese operation interface and the capacity to display flow speed-time waveform, pressure-time waveform and volume-time waveform on the same screen. Be featured with thefunctionofwaveformone-keyfreezing.

2.2 The main parameters are displayed separately other than on the LCD. However, they can be also displayedontheLCDwithoperationofbuttonsandtherotaryknob.  

2.3 Inputairsourcepressure:0.4MPa.Range:0.28-0.60MPa.

2.4 Range of oxygen concentration: 21%-100%, continuously adjustable. In the absence of air, the  oxygenconcentrationofpureoxygensupplyisstilladjustable(range:45%~100%).
2.5 In case of absence of a single air source, alarm will be triggered and the operation of the ventilator will beswitchedto another airsource without affecting the outputtidalvolume.

2.6 The inspired gas temperature is monitored at 18℃~51℃, with the temperature sensor used for detection.
2.7 Be provided with at least two pulmonary function loops:pressure-volumeandflow-volume.

2.8 Be featured with the data storage function for pressure, flow speed and volume and be able to
 generatea24-hourtendencychart on the equipment.

2.9 Sigh ventilation function is adjustable for consecutively twice every 3 minutes. Pressure-type sigh amplitudePEEP+(0~ 25)hPa

2.10 Be featured with the functions of one-key hand-controlled inspiration, expiration, Synchronous atomization and pure oxygen ventilation.

2.11 Be featured with the functions of flow-triggered and pressure-triggered ventilation, apnea ventilation andairleakagecompensation.

2.12 The ventilation mode shall be provided with IPPV, A/C, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, PSV, PEEP/CPAP, Sighand MANU.

2.13 10-level alarm volume and display brightness adjustable through software.   

2.14 Volume:Length×Height×Width(152x60x59);Weight:105kg.

3 ControlParameterRequirements:

3.1  Tidalvolume:30~1500mL.

3.2  Oxygen concentration of inhaled gas: 21%~ 100% (at least 45%~100% in case of single way oxygensupply)
3.3 Inspirationflow:6~ 120L/min,continuouslyadjustable. 

3.4 Breathsperminute:0.5~100times/min.  

3.5 Inspiratory-respiratoryratio:3:1to1:9.
 3.6 Inspirationtime:0.2~10s.
 3.7 Flowspeedtriggering:0.3~  20L/min,withasteppingof0.1L.
 3.8 Inspiratorytriggerpressure:-20~0hPa(basedonPEEP).
 3.9 Inspiratorypressure:5~40hPa.
 3.10 Pressuresupport:5~40hPa.

3.11  Pressureraisetime:0.2~ 2s,continuouslyadjustable. 

3.12 Positiveend-expiratorypressure(PEEP):0~25hPa.

4 ParameterMonitoringRequirements

4.1 Inspiration, expiration tidal volume, inspiration temperature, oxygen concentration, minute ventilation (including spontaneous ventilation), leakage rate, frequency, total frequency, inspiration time, platform time, inspiration and expiration ratio, platform pressure, surge pressure, mean pressure, inspiratory resistanceRandcomplianceCetc.

5 Requirementsonalarmfunction

5.1 The intelligent alarm system is divided into three levels: high, medium and low. It can clearly distinguish the sound and display the detailed information on the screen. Upper and lower limit alarm of airway pressure after the airway pressure reaches the upper limit, it can immediately stop inspiration and change to expiration

and give a 4-15s alarm in case of being lower than the set lower limit. Upper and lower limit of airway pressure, ventilation volume, high and low oxygen concentration, continuous excessive pressure, apnea, integrity of ventilation system, interruption of power supply, interruption of gas supply, upper and lower limit alarm of ventilation volume, upper limit alarm of oxygen concentration,

continuous positive pressure alarm, apnea alarm, power supply interruption alarm, gas supplyinterruptionalarm,120s silent alarm,automatic record of historica lalarm.

5.2 The ventilator shall give analarm incase of the inspired gas temperature exceeding 40℃.

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