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Invasive Ventilator ICU USE

880A+ invasive ventilator

 Basic Requirements

1.1 The whole ventilator shall meet there quirements of EU'sCEcertificationand national CMD certification.

1.2 Workingprinciple:Electro-pneumaticcontrol.

1.3 Applicationscope:adults,children.

1.4 Main configuration: Ventilator, support rod, humidifier, push cart, reusable silicone breathing tube, expiratoryvalveassembly,temperaturesensor,testlung,oxygenpressurereducer,etc.

1.5 Powersupply:AC220V±22v,50-60HZ±1Hz.Built-inbattery:Working time ≥60minutes.

1.6 Volume:Length×Height ×Width(128×61×56);Weight:40kg.

2 Main Function Requirements

2.1 The screen adopts an LCD screen with a size of more than 5.6 inches. The main setting parameters are displayedseparately.The waveforms anddetectionparameters canbedisplayedonthe same screen.

2.2  It is equipped with engineering mode equipped, which is suitable for on-site factory-level engineers to debugandcalibratethe ventilator.

2.3 The inspired gas temperature is monitored at 18℃ ~ 51℃, with the temperature sensor used for detection.

2.4 Theallowable pressureofinspiredgassourcerangesfrom0.28MPato0.60MPa.

2.5 Pressurewaveform,flow waveform,volume waveform, waveform freezing and other functions.

2.6 IPPV,SIMV-VC/ASB,SIMV-PC/ASB,Sigh,pressure limited ventilation, apnea backup ventilation.

2.7 24hWaveformTrendChart

2.8 Theadjustable pressure-type sighventilationfunctionenablestwo consecutivesighsevery3minutes.

2.9 Assisted/controlled breathing transition time ≥ 4s (follow the expiration time according at IPPV frequency ifit isgreaterthan4s)

3 Control Parameter Requirements

3.1 Tidalvolume:50~1500mL.

3.2 Inspiratoryflow: 6~60L/min.

3.3 Breathsperminute: 0.5~100times/min.

3.4 Inspiratory-respiratoryratio:Atleast3:1to1:9.

3.5 Inspiratorytime:0.3~6.0s;plateautime:0.1s~50%Ti.

3.6 Inspiratorytriggerpressure: -20~0hPa(basedonPEEP).

3.7 Inspiratorypressure: 5~40hPa.

3.8 Pressuresupport:5~40hPa.

3.9 ▲Pressurerisetime: 0.1~2s.

3.10 Positiveendexpiratorypressure:At least1~10hPa

3.11 Oxygenconcentration: 45%or100%,optional.

4 Parameter Monitoring Requirements

4.1 Tidal volume Vte, ventilation MV, peak pressure Ppeak, oxygen concentration O2, inspiratory-respiratory ratio I:E, plateau time TPLAT, positive end expiratory pressure PEEP, frequency F, pressurerisetime Ramp,plateaupressure PplatandtemperatureT.

5 AlarmFunction

5.1 The intelligent alarm system is divided into three levels: high, medium and low. It can clearly distinguish thesoundanddisplaythe detailedinformationonthescreen.

5.2 Airway pressure upper and lower limit alarm, ventilation upper and lower limit alarm, oxygen concentration upper and lower limit alarm, continuous positive pressure alarm, apnea alarm, power failure alarm,gassupplyinterruptionalarm,120salarmmute.

5.3 After the airway pressure reaches the upper limit, it can immediately stop inspiration and change to expiration,andgivea12salarmincaseofbeinglowerthan thesetlower limit.

5.4 The ventilator willgive an alarm incase of the inspired gas temperature exceeding4 0℃.

5.5 The ventilator will send out an advanced alarm signal within no more than 15s in case of the gas supply being interrupted

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